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NIC Services Group success story

Paul Faulkner

National Sales & Marketing Director

The story on how the employee engagement process was digitized at NIC

Coca Cola QI (Quality Index) Success Story
Sinebrychoff Part of the Carlsberg Group

Jari Nurminen

Technical Manager

Sinebrychoff Part of the Carlsberg Group

Read the success story (PDF)

Westgrove Group success story

Read the success story (PDF)
Read the success story (PDF)

HardHat Case Study

Ross Ferguson

Managing Director, Hardhat Logistics

“Reslink gives us the flexibility to offer our clients a bespoke information system that goes far beyond anything else on the market. I have no hesitation in recommending Reslink’s mobile solutions to other security companies.”

Read the success story (PDF)

Carlsberg Case Study

Magnus Österlind

Business Process Manager, Carlsberg Sverige AB

“Reslink’s solution provides an efficient way of monitoring brewery-owned equipment at customer sites. Our field technicians can record their maintenance work in real-time and respond faster to customer requests.”

Read the success story (PDF)

Mona Djupsjöbacka Case Study

Mona Djupsjöbacka

Homecare Team Leader, Pedersöre Municipality

“The considerable amount of time saved on administrative tasks allows us to concentrate on our core competence – caring for our elderly customers.”

Read the success story (PDF)

Arion Security Case Study

Arion Security

Samuel N Muigai, MD at Arion Security.

“As a Security Company you are looking for an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution that can offer you the tools to protect your clients and your guards at the same time.“

Read the success story (PDF)

Land Mobile

It is to manage this complex sequence of activity that introduced the new technology here, using NFC-enabled mobile phones to convey job instructions and to capture and report the details of each task as it is performed.

Read the success story (PDF)

Newcastle International Airport Case Study

RealtimeDC (Reslink Partner)

“Newcastle International Airport use Real-Link to record security patrols and surveillance checks for the Department for Transport.“

Read the success story (PDF)

SecureForce UK Case Study

RealtimeDC (Reslink Partner)

“Security patrols and fire alarm testing recorded using Real-Link by SecureForce UK.“

Read the success story (PDF)
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