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For Tenant and Living Service Providers

Manage and plan your business with industry-leading software combined with a powerful webshop to personalize communication with your customers and improve customer loyalty.

Key Capabilities

Tenant Onboarding and Integration

Tenant onboarding can be stressful sometimes. We can help you to transform your paper application into digital forms. Also, we can integrate with 3rd party providers to import your existing tenant to our system.


Residential companies or housing administration will manage bookable services. Admin rights allow managing the services, and the tenants will only see the free shifts and can buy the timeslot for their use.

Webshop and Online Reservation of Services

Shopping cart services can be routed to different bank accounts.
Responsibilities related to the delivered services must be agreed upon between the parties.

Incidents and observations

Centralized ticket queue to solve the incidents, and with easy to use management UI, it is easy to allocate the tickets. Also, Integration/transfer of data to another system is straightforward Through the API.

Removal Inspection

A digital form to clarify the condition of the apartment when a new tenant move-in. The new tenant can notify the residential company of any damage or faults in the apartment.

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Collect real-time feedback across Reslink’s ecosystem to understand customer satisfaction, and in turn, customer loyalty.


Collect sensor data from your locations, such as temperature, humidity, light level, number of visits, and use this to improve your site management. Having real-time indicators at your fingertips means that you are able to react to the current situation in the most efficient way.

Smart lockers

The smart locker offers a 24/7 human contactless pickup service. The tenant can rent/book the locker. Locker can be opened with the individual pin code. Tenant can also generate one time code for delivery or logistics.

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