Soft FM

For Facility Management Providers

A workforce and facilities management system for facilities management service providers to build processes that represent every aspect of a facilities management service contract.

Key Capabilities

FM Services Management

  • Build processes that represent every aspect of a facilities management service contract, including:
    • Employee onboarding and training
    • Reactive and planned service workflows
    • Budgeting, purchasing and accounting processes
    • SLA compliance and contract management
    • Historical reporting and real-time dashboards
  • Manage planned maintenance, reactive maintenance and other FM services using incident, hourly and fixed cost pricing structures.
  • Integrate with a range of third-party purchasing and accounting applications, including:
    • Xero
    • Quickbooks
    • Sage
    • SAP
  • Create and distribute invoices that include labour and materials.
  • Create customer-facing storefronts to aide the ad-hoc provision of FM services and consumables.
  • Use Reslink to manage key HR processes, such as:
    • Employee onboarding
    • Employee training
    • Employee offboarding

Asset Management

  • Create a detailed asset register that includes:
    • Basic information (e.g. IDs, descriptions, serial and model numbers)
    • Statuses, locations and sub-locations
    • Asset types and sub-types
    • Parent-child relationships for assets, sites, stock/inventory
    • Links to request, work order and electronic form data
    • Attached documentation and images
    • Links to historical/activity or records
    • Real-time and historical IoT sensor data
  • Search, sort and filter the asset list using a range of parameters, such as status, location and category.
  • Build relationships between assets, stock/inventory, customers and locations.
  • Assign assets to customer, technicians and locations.
  • Available IoT sensor types include:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • CO2
    • Occupancy/proximity

Work Order and Maintenance Management

  • Reslink is compatible with reactive, planned and predictive maintenance and services.
  • Create maintenance and service schedules based on:
    • Time intervals
    • Meter-based intervals
    • IoT sensor data and thresholds
  • View and manage reactive and planned work in multiple views, including:
    • A drag-and-drop, filterable calendar view
    • A searchable, sortable, filterable list view
    • An interactive map view
  • Filter the views of scheduled work by multiple parameters, including:
    • Date range (daily, weekly, monthly, custom etc.)
    • Assignee/user
    • Location
  • Create detailed work orders that include:
    • Statuses
    • Descriptions
    • Priorities
    • Categories
    • Locations and sub-locations
    • Assigned teams or users
    • Estimated windows of activity
    • Notification settings (e.g. an hour prior)

Mobile Management

  • Reslink’s mobile applications are accessible on iOS and Android devices.
  • Use Reslink’s mobile applications to:
    • Complete electronic forms, such as onboarding processes or audits
    • Raise job requests
    • View assigned and scheduled work orders in a list and calendar view
    • Receive real-time notifications regarding requests and work orders
    • Manage, update and complete work orders

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate Reslink’s solutions with a range of third-party applications and systems, including:

  • Accounting, purchasing and ERP applications, such as Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and SAP
  • Cloud storage applications, such as OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox
  • Business intelligence and analytics applications, such as Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau

Employee Onboarding, Training and Offboarding

  • Create digital forms to automate employee onboarding.
  • Use document scanning, Google autocomplete and address lookup, and Google Speech to increase the efficiency of:
    • Onboarding information gathering and compliance
    • Offboarding processes
  • Store and update employee contracts, and automatically distribute contracts via email at the appropriate stages.
  • Create detailed employee cards that include:
    • Names, emails, phone numbers and addresses
    • Statuses, user permissions and active devices
    • Employment details, such as contracted hours, start dates and contract IDs
    • Training records and statuses
  • Create mandatory and optional training sets and assign training to specific users.
  • Viewed an employee’s planned work in an interactive map view that includes planned routes and route optimisation.

Job Requests

  • Configure a system that either:
    • Segregates reactive and planned services into separate lists
    • Combines reactive and planned services within one list
  • Users and customers can raise job requests from:
    • A mobile device
    • A web-based helpdesk
    • A self-service portal
  • Users can raise requests that include:
    • Titles
    • Descriptions (typed or dictated)
    • Priorities
    • Multiple photos and annotations
    • Location and GPS information
  • The information captured when a request is raised can be altered to include different fields, as well as mandatory and optional sections.
  • Users can add comments to requests and monitor a request’s progress.
  • Tickets can be assigned manually or automatically based on different parameters, including:
    • Request type
    • Location
    • Priority
  • Notifications of requests can be received via in-app push notifications, SMSs and emails.
  • View all requests in a filterable, sortable, searchable list using a laptop, PC, tablet or a mobile device.

Audits, Checklists, Inspections and Surveys

  • Complete audits, checklists, inspections and surveys using iOS and Android devices, whilst online and offline.
  • Configure electronic forms that include:
    • Photo capture and uploads
    • Photo annotation
    • Digital signature capture
    • Short and long text fields
    • Dates and timestamps
    • File and document uploads
    • Dropdown lists
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio buttons
    • Ratings
    • GPS and location information
  • Report on captured form information using in-built reporting tools and third-party reporting applications, such as PowerBI.
  • Configure automatic formatting and distribution of key forms. E.g. format a submitted form as a PDF and send it via email to a key stakeholder.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Create customisable reports and dashboards based on key metrics, including:
    • Total reactive and planned tasks
    • Open requests by type and priority
    • Employee headcounts, hires and exits
    • Employee absence days, rates and distributions
  • Create dashboards that contain:
    • Charts
    • Diagrams
    • Tables
    • Lists
    • Maps
  • Filter dashboards using a number of parameters, such as location, date range and employee.
  • Create unique dashboards for different users, roles and teams.
  • Configure automatic generation and distribution of reports.
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