Time and Attendance

A fully automated solution that allows employers and or employees to track their work hours.

It’s simple, clock-in, enter your code or ID, take a pictue and add your signature.

Site-based TnA

For the site and location-based installations

Time and Attendance software for a site or location-based visit recording.

The android device is needed where the application will be installed.

Employee ID’s and employees are added to the platform. Employee logs in to the site with the employee ID, device application will take a picture (to confirm the real person existence in the location) START WORK button will be chosen to start the work time. End work time uses the same principle, login with ID, picture and END WORK.

The installation will need:

  1. MDM Mobile Device Management – To keep the display on and the TnA app available. (3rd party)
  2. Android device with the USB-C charging (battery charging fast and smart enough) (3rd party)
  3. Cover to keep the tablet safe (stealing cover) (3rd party)
  4. TnA application (Reslink)
  5. Web-based back end (Reslink)

BASIC TnA (admin-panel features)

  1. Employee register including the employee ID (the ID, also, can be generated from the payroll system)
  2. Location register where the TnA android devices and applications will be installed.

ADVANCED TnA (admin-panel features)

  1. Planning calendar for the sites/locations budgeted time plan versus actuals. (site-based business case)
  2. Planning calendar for the employees budgeted time to plan for the month (employee-based business case)

BYOD-based TnA

Mobile application based TnA (BYOD [Bring Your Own Device])
Mobile application TnA recording with the GPS hotspot location confirmation and optionally with the 2D barcode or NFC login (to confirm floor houses visit)
Employee ID integration with the user. Same reports and planning functions as in the site based TnA application.

Start Your Work

1. Start your work by clock-in

Enter Your Pincode

2. Use your unique employee code or ID

Take a Picture

3. Take a picture for the identification

Add Your Signature

4. Add your signature and press send

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